Aura Consultants


Aura Consultants is a French corporate management consulting agency created in 2016 by Michel Sigot. It focuses on operational transformation and restructuring projects in all industries or services.

Over the past 20 years, Aura Consultants team has developed extensive skills and know-how in economic transformation projects for the private and public sectors. A highly experienced and pluridisciplinary team brings high added value services to secure the transformation processes: social, financial, communication, political and timing factors. Aura Consultants delivers result-oriented execution and assistance, and a custom-made delegated project management mobilizing the best expertise available.

Our agency leads clients through transformation and restructuring projects including strategic execution, project management; plant redevelopment through potential buyers and/or substitute activities, business acquisition; economic revitalization (negotiation, implementation and substitute management for the client); structuring the territorial offer and the business environment, project implementation and financing.

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Strategic Execution

Project Management

Michel Sigot

Paris and Vichy
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